Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silver Falls State Park

Before the sudden rush to come down, we did get in our camping trip this weekend. It was really great. We did 15 miles of hiking over Saturday and Sunday, staying in a cabin over night. The Trail of Ten Falls was great, with three falls that we got to hike behind. We did the whole loop plus spurs, for a total of about 8 miles.

The cabin was cute and little and warm. We played games in the evening and then woke up Sunday to my "observed" birthday. The actual day is today, but I'm quite glad we observed it already because no one really remembers it's today with all that is going on.

We had a feast day Sunday with Peanut Butter Panda Puffs with chocolate soy milk and nitrate free turkey bacon for breakfast, before we went off on Sunday's hike. We hiked only about 7 miles on Sunday, but they were much harder miles, with lots of elevation change and mud, causing lots of slipping. While there weren't any falls on Sunday's hike, there also weren't any people, which was nice. We never saw another hiker.

We went back to the small historic lodge and one repeat waterfall to go behind before heading home. We had dinner out with my parents for my birthday, during which I made my stomach hurt. I'm still recovering. And tomorrow is another feast day. Maybe I'll be more careful with tummy trouble going into it.

It was a great weekend, with good hikes. I'm really glad we still went.

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