Sunday, November 02, 2008


Here I am, talking off and on about Davan's sleep problem. Every few months she goes through periods where she has a really hard time falling asleep and she doesn't sleep in to make up for it, either, she usually, in fact, wakes up a little early. Once the period is past, she tends to make up for it by sleeping in.

So, it's just one of those little Davan quirks to blog about, eh? Well, I've realized lately that the child comes by it honestly. I do the same thing. I'm going through just such a period right now myself. The first night was Thursday night, but I felt surprisingly good on Friday anyway. I slept pretty well Friday night, but then last night was rough again. I'm pretty tired today.

It sure doesn't help that it's a long day with the time change. I've felt like it's about bed time since around 4:00. Generally, I find the fall change much easier to take than the spring change, but today I sure wouldn't have minded the day being an hour shorter. Really, though, all-in-all, I think the time should be just left alone. Arizona has the right idea.

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