Monday, November 03, 2008

Will This Effect How I Shop?

After swimming today, Davan and I went to Winco. We'd just shopped at Costco yesterday, but their oranges were a lot more expensive than Winco's and I needed some spices, which brings me to my point.

I'm a fan of bulk foods. They are cheap, which is good - especially the spices, which are so much cheaper it's amazing. They use less packaging, which is good.

Today, though, the reason why they are not good smacked me right in the face. Now, we all know it's a possibility that people are doing things with the bulk food we probably wouldn't like - using their bare hands and such. But I was appalled by a large mustached man this afternoon.

He was at the spice area when I rolled up my cart. Even my presence didn't stop him. He scooped, then stuck his nose within a quarter inch (meaning the mustache was significantly closer) of the scoop of seasoning, sniffing for a prolonged period of time. Then he put it back. And, no, that wasn't the worse of it. Then, he licked his finger, stuck it in the spice and licked it off. He repeated the move with two different spices, then went back to cinnamon, which he finally scooped in a little bag to purchase.

Yes. It did occur to me to say something. I am, though some may find it hard to believe, a very shy person and I couldn't come up with what to say. "Excuse me, but there is a no sampling rule," would have been a good choice, but I couldn't get myself to say anything.

I did, however, try to catch the eye of the employee who was working just around the corner, studiously ignoring the sampling man and avoiding my eye. Good lord, man. She should have been taking care of that!

Will I stop buying in bulk? Probably not. I didn't stop after the last incident. A while back I saw a very overweight child of about five grazing the bulk food bins with her parents studiously ignoring her, as well. She looked me right in the eye while snarfing down a piece of candy pilfered from the bin. I didn't say anything then, either. Man I'm a wimp.

Any-who, beware the bulk food bin. Or not.

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