Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We took Davan and her friend, I., to Kids' Club to play in their indoor jungle gym on Sunday. They girls had a great time and played for hours. Sadly, I forgot the camera. Ah well. Turns out that's the least of my issues.

Early on, though, the girls came over to get drinks and I. had hurt her tummy - a plastic burn from going down a slide on her stomach. She said she was okay and waved off offers of ice or anything else. Off they went to play again.

Come 5:00, it's time to head out. The place is closing down. They'd have stayed longer if they could. I. only has one shoe on. She told us she'd kicked the leg of something and hurt her toe. This had happened sometime during the playing without us having been informed, so I figured it wasn't too bad. I did offer to carry her to the car because it was wet out. She declined, hopping to the car instead. She didn't seem to be in pain, playing, chatting and happy all the way home.

Today, Davan went over to play at her house and I inquired about I.'s thumb. You see, I. fractured her thumb a couple of weeks ago and has been in a hand brace. She had a new set of x-rays yesterday and was hoping to be cleared for full use of her thumb again. I. does gymnastics, as well. That's where she and Davan met, though they are at different levels now.

I.'s mom told me that she's out of her brace, but can't do anything that might endanger her thumb for a couple more weeks. Thus, she can play the piano again, but still is unable to do things like vault and bars and tumbling at gymnastics for 2-4 more weeks. Also, though, it turns out that her toe is broken.

Yup. I took out the girl with the broken thumb and broke another digit of hers. Plus burned up her tummy, as well. Go me. You'd trust me with your kid, right?

On the up side, the toe breaking isn't too serious. It's taped up and she can do what she likes as long as it doesn't hurt. It didn't stop her from doing any gymnastics last night, for example, that the thumb wasn't already preventing. Still. I feel badly. I didn't even take it seriously! I didn't even walk her up to her door when we dropped her off on Sunday - Davan did. Yeah.

I'm off to exercise before I have more guilt on top of my guilt - of a different sort, of course.

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