Thursday, November 06, 2008

Busy Day!

I have about five spare minutes in between lunch and game day today. I debated settling down with my book for a few cozy minutes, playing a few songs on the keyboard or writing a post with my few minutes. Here I am. I bet you're glad. :)

I woke up to my radio alarm this morning for the first time sense the time change. Usually, even before the time change, I'm awake when the alarm goes off more or less, but it reminds me it's time to stop lounging and dozing and start thinking about getting up. This morning, though, the alarm took me totally by surprise. And I slept well last night, too. I guess I was doing some catching up.

I got up, started in on chores, was joined soon after by Davan, had a word with her in regards to sloppy vacuuming, which caused her to cry, but then do a good job and feel proud, went for a jog (my knees are complaining a bit when I'm actually jogging, but fine otherwise), came home, threw breakfast together while also stretching, showering and dressing, ate, partially in the car on the way to drop Davan off for her reading to preschoolers time, mailed a letter at the post office, went to the library to drop off books and pick up holds, stopped by the ATM to pick up this month's budgeted cash (finally), came home to finish adding stuff to the beans for tonight's dinner (red beans today) and start making lunch (African bean soup - we have no leftovers, so I had to actually make it), during which time Davan was dropped off post reading, ate lunch while pursuing my email, cleaned up and now, posting my blog. Whew.

Game day is actually due to start at this very minute, but, as no one has arrived yet, I won't be starting quite yet.

For breakfast this morning, Davan and I had pear compote with oatmeal. It's the same as the apple compote I've posted about before, but with pears. We had several that needed using up, so I did that for both yesterday and today. The pears are nice and sweet and make a pleasant alternative. Tomorrow will be a smoothie day, though. Perhaps pumpkin....

Post game day, I'll pack Davan's dinner and take her to gymnastics. Then I'll need to go pick up the CSA for the next to last time, after which I plan to come home and do yoga before dinner. Then it'll be close to time to go pick Davan up.

I have game day-ers, so I'm off!

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