Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

We started our morning with our usual Sunday morning breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and lots of fruit. We had a nice leisurely breakfast, highlighted with a lot of laughing at the cats. Before, during and after, we've answered email and phone calls about various things we have up for sale. In addition to the Mazda, Anthony is cleaning out the garage including an old nonfunctioning Porsche engine and parts from a motorcycle. We've got people coming at various times to check things out.

After breakfast and clean up, I challenged Davan to a hand stand contest. Hand stand hold times are something she could improve on for gymnastics, but doesn't work on on her own, so I thought I'd do it with her and make it just fun. We had a blast. We did a straight hand stand hold, okay to walk with your hands, okay to move your legs around and then went on to how far can you walk, at which point Anthony got in on the action, as well.

I held my own on the how long can you hold a hand stand contest, but Davan and Anthony whooped all over me on the how far can you walk contest, being tied for a long time before Anthony pulled out a spectacular walk and won the title, although it has to be said that his form left something to be desired...

Then Davan suggested a long jump contest using the mini-tramp.

This one of Davan is one of my two favorites from this morning's photo shoot:

The three of us all about tied on the long jump contest. The shoes and socks that are out are marking each person's longest hand stand walk or jump to date. The clog that is way in the rear? Yeah, that's my hand stand walk. At this point, Davan and Anthony were tied for the hand stand walk and we were all about even on the long jump.

Davan then suggested a game they play for vault drills at gymnastics.

Those two pads get further apart each after each person makes their jump. This next picture is my other favorite:

I barely won this contest, eking out the win from Anthony who hung his toes over the first pad on the last jump that we made. Davan was out on the distance just before.

How's your Sunday going?

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