Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exercise Slump

I've still been doing it - exercising. But, I'm feeling slumpish about it. I don't wanna. But, I am. I'm hoping if I just keep at it, the "don't wanna" feeling will pass.

Sense I started running, I haven't been going for walks much. I kind of miss that. I like walks. Sadly, though, I don't get my heart rate up much during walks, so it doesn't much count as cardiovascular exercise.

I, by they by, ran last on Thursday morning. Friday I went for a bike ride, which I enjoyed, but then I also rode on Saturday and felt like I was dragging myself through it. Sunday was a rest day. Mondays and Wednesdays are swimming days. Yesterday, Tuesday, I did DDR on the Playstation for an hour for my cardio. That was fairly fun, but I also felt like I forced myself to do it, at least to get started.

I've been keeping up the yoga - getting it in about 5 times a week. That's a good thing, but I've been doing it like a chore rather than something I'm looking forward to.

I sort of think I've just been doing too much. I feel like I either am doing chores (including the cooking), exercising or driving Davan someplace. There is more. I mean, I'm here, writing this message as we speak, so to speak. I get in some reading time. I do eat. But, it's what it feels like.

And why not spend my time exercising? I like having a fit body. But, still, it feels too much like work right now. Will that pass? I hope so. Even with the swimming, I feel like I'm dragging myself through my laps. I don't feel like I'm dragging myself to the pool because I look forward to going. I like the social aspect of it. But, when it comes down to time to actually start getting in those laps...well, I feel like I'm forcing myself. I do it and it's okay, but that's all - okay.

Maybe I need something else to do for exercise. But what? Maybe I should back off a little, but I don't really think so. For now, I'll keep plugging away and hoping my negative feelings about it pass. I'm usually glad I've done it afterward. I do think I'll stick with a resting day and, perhaps one other day that I only do a half an hour's worth of working out, like going for a run.

For now, though, I told Davan I'd read with her a bit before swimming, so I'd better get to that.

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