Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere

Easter was cool. Yup. Totally cool. We had to wake Max up at 8:30 to get things going - so rare - and he was totally mellow. He said he didn't feel well, which is too bad, but the mellow was nice.

Max and Davan hunted for eggs and then opened them all up. Max loved his Star Wars Lego set and Davan loved getting a puzzle. Max wasn't so excited about his football helmet, which, I guess, wasn't all he'd thought it might be after asking for one for more than a year. Go figure. Davan was thrilled with gymnastics meet tickets and a day with Mom and Dad.

And I got....drum roll please.....mind you, Anthony and I don't usually exchange Easter gifts...a slip of paper. That lead me to another in another location and on and on. We do that for the kids sometimes, but haven't for each other. At the end was.....a new wedding ring! It's a totally cool ring that I fell in love with at the Saturday Market. I've been wanting a new one for years. I lost my original ring when I was boogie boarding in Hawaii. It was lost somewhere in the expanse of the Pacific. It was very sad. The replacement one never did find a place in my heart, even though I wore it for 8 years.

I saw my ring there about a month ago when I went to browse with my mom. I fell in love, but didn't think I should spend the money without talking to Anthony about it. Plus, it does effect both of us. It's my wedding ring, ya know?

So, we went back a couple of weeks later together and Anthony was wishy-washy about it, so I let it go. I suggested looking around some, but he didn't seem enthused. I decided to let it lay for a while.

Well, that sly devil called the artist and went to pick the ring up from her studio Thursday after work. Then I got it this morning! It was very cool. Definitely kudos for Anthony.

After the eggs, we had our usual weekend morning meal of chocolate chip pancakes, veggie sausage, peanut butter and fruit galore.

I got in some online cribbage with my best bud while Anthony got a veggies tray together (more kudos) and then we were off to my sister in law's where another egg hunt - this one a free for all - ensued. We had dinner and dessert. The trading for what was in the eggs was hot and heavy, but everyone seemed pleased.

The only down part of the day was that Davan ripped her little toe nail off almost completely. It was very painful, but she's doing well and hoping to be able to do gymnastics tomorrow night, as it's preliminary testing for moving up to team tomorrow evening.

Max had a good day. And, if I do say so myself, Anthony and I have been doing a very good job with him for the past few days.

We tried to take pictures of the new ring, but I look drugged in all of them. Which isn't unusual for me in pictures. I'm a blinker. You'd think I was drunk or drugged all the time. And I'm totally a tea-toiler.

We'll try for better pictures and then I'll post one. But don't hold your breath. :)


  1. Wonderful - your day sounds great.

    I think it is so special when spouses take care of each other. It makes everything easier, doesn't it?

  2. Yup, it certainly does. :)

    I hope you had a nice Easter, too!