Sunday, March 16, 2008

Musing About Readership

I've been musing about people reading my blog. It is a public blog, so I sort of expect others to read it. I think all of about 4 people do. That's should be okay. I'm writing for me.

However, I find myself checking my stats for how many people have come to my blog. I finally set up email notification for when someone comments because I was checking all the time for comments. I does seem to matter to me if people are reading. I'm curious about what people are thinking when they read. Of course, hardly anyone reads, so not many people are thinking anything.

All this really shouldn't matter. And it mostly doesn't. I write because I want to. However, if it were totally just for me, I'd be just writing to my hard drive, right?

Mostly just musing...


  1. I'm reading - definitely! - but I'm a terrible non-commenter for the most part because I tend to read via RSS and kind of pop in and out. :)

  2. Kitty9:13 PM

    i am reading - I found you through miserablebliss.

    I do stat checks too(I also have 4 readers).

    I am writing just for me - it helps clear my head, and keeps my focus on my goals. But sometimes I am curious if anyone is getting anything out of my blog too.

    Your stories are charming - and although situations are quite different, I see themes in your life that I battle in mine.

  3. Thanks for letting me know you're out there!

    It's nice to know that people get something out of my blog. Even if it's only a few people. :)