Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everyone is Still Alive

It's 9:45 Wednesday morning and we're all still alive. I haven't even yelled. We've done out loud reading (me to each kid), chores and breakfast. I have asked Max to go to his room a couple of times just for sheer annoying me and he did earn another day of compost duty for complaining about it. But, BUT!, no yelling and no lectures. Whew.

When the kids are done with their cinnamon raisin English muffins (with peanut butter for Max, without for Davan), it'll be reading time. 20 minutes of quiet reading. Then it's a free for all until we leave for my swimming followed by Davan's swimming, during which I have to go to the parent/teacher conference for Max.

Then it's back to free time until dinner and evening gymnastics for Davan and a parent player meeting for Max's spring t-ball.

I will make it. Well, of course I will. Max will make it, too. That's the iffy part. ;)

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