Thursday, March 13, 2008

More About Sugar

I've continued to mull over the whole sugar thing. I have not been sugar free sense my last sugar post. I sent Anthony out to TCBY Sunday evening. Sigh. I didn't even enjoy it all that much. Double sigh.

Here's my current thoughts. I don't know if I can, at this point, swear off chocolate. We have chocolate chips in our vegan, fat free oatmeal pancakes on Saturday mornings and I'm pretty sure my family would lynch me if I said we couldn't have chocolate chips in them any more. I also don't think I could stand being the only one without chocolate chips in my pancakes. Also, the occasional piece of dark chocolate really seems to be not asking too much. The trick, of course, is to not go over board.

So, for the moment, I'm think that I'll allow myself dark chocolate, but not any other sugary-treats. It seems like a good middle ground to me. I can even take a little dark chocolate with me if I know there's going to be something I'll want, such as birthday cake, at an event we might attend. I'm not yet feeling ready to make the full commitment to this plan, but I'm leaning strongly this way.

Geez. It's a good think I never took up smoking and don't really enjoy alcohol. (I don't care if others drink, but I've never enjoyed the fuzzy feeling of alcohol haze.)

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