Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Day

Max was cheerful and cooperative again this morning. He had to go directly to the principal again. I'm not sure how long this will go on. Just through tomorrow? The regular principal was back today, but in a meeting when we got there. Hopefully she'll be around tomorrow morning and I and ask her how long she wants Max to go the the office when he gets to school.

Davan and I have started a new thing with morning chores. Previously, we've had assigned morning chores - each certain things. Yesterday I was writing down some things I wanted to remember to do. I decided to just write out all the chores that needed doing, both mine and Davan's. Included in the list were some phone call type chores.

After getting Max off to school, which, of course, involves household chores in itself - making his breakfast and lunch, cleaning up after and I usually work on a kitchen chore, as well, such as starting to empty the dishwasher or stirring up a new jar of natural peanut butter or whatever needs doing - I woke Davan up with the song about loving her and some reading and then we consulted the list as to what needed doing and each just picked chores until they were done.

It worked really well. Davan was thrilled about tackling everything together and said she felt very helpful. So, we did it again this morning with success again.

I don't know how well it'll work with Max, who is a master time waster and chore avoider, but I'm thinking of trying it out over spring break. Right now, Davan and I do our chores in the morning and he does them in the evening, so we can't really do them all together. Of course, we have evening chores, as well. Davan makes dinner twice a week and I do the rest of the time. There's setting the table and doing dishes. However, even when Max's chore was setting the table, which he did while I was making dinner, it never felt like "we're all working together to get this done."

So, I don't know how it'll go, but I'm willing to give it a try. It feels like it'll sort of be a practice run for summer vacation.

Meanwhile, it's game day this afternoon - yay! Tomorrow, weather permitting, Davan and I are going skiing. I'm worried it'll be too snowy, as we're getting quite a rainfall today.

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