Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trouble at School

I had Max's parent/teacher conference yesterday. He's been having trouble at school for the last couple of weeks. In addition to the running away thing and the pencil thing, he teacher says that he told her he feels left out by the others. She says she doesn't see this, but, gosh, what does she see? She didn't see him running away. She didn't see him ripping erasers off of the pencils, she didn't see him freaking out about people being too close in his reading group (his reading teacher saw that). She doesn't see him getting upset about something that happens until he's already angry. So, would she see him being left out? Me thinks not.

Max has been talking about home about having a hard time at school. He still wants to go, though. I don't know, myself, what the right decision is. I know I like the break, but maybe, if it's starting to cause him so much stress, it'd be easier to have him at home. Of course, being at home is stressful, too.

I don't understand his ideas about friends, either. He keeps wanting to invite people over. J for example, though, has been over a bunch of times and only once did they not fight about what to do. He wants B to come over, but he's been complaining about B ignoring him at school for weeks now. So why have him over to play? Probably because there isn't anyone else and he's desperate for friends. So far, he's shown a poor track record for repeat playdates, though. That is, other than with J who seems dysfunctional, also. Neither of them seem to care that they don't actually have fun together. Odd.

Today he has a friend over. Actually, it's the little sister of a friend of Davan's. The last time both girls came over, it was great. They really played and had fun. This time, though, they are having a hard time finding a grove. Max keeps wanting to do stuff she doesn't want to do and refusing to do what she does. I've seen her give in a few times, but when he gives in, he's very passive agressive - just kind of sitting through the play.

Social skills are still very much in development. His teacher, though, doesn't see it at all.

Frankly, though, I must say I'm glad that he's having some trouble at school. Whew! Other people will know he's got issues and it's not just us.

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