Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lots of Family Time

We've spend our whole Sunday together. This is not unusual, but often I'll go for a walk or the kids will have a play date for an hour or two in the afternoon. Sometimes Max will play video games for a couple of hours, also, all of which means that we're not spending time together as a family for those periods of time.

Today, though, we spent all day together. I'm happy to report that Max is still alive. It was close a couple of times. (Joking, of course. Mostly.)

After our breakfast for chocolate chip oat pancakes, Morning Star Farm's sausages and lots of fruit, we started in on FAMILY ROTATIONAL FUN!!! See all that excitement there? We each put in a frivolous and a productive choice. Each thing was supposed to last about a half an hour. However, our first productive one was really clean the toy room. We spent an hour and 15 minutes on that one. So, we opted to toss out on of the work ones. Sadly, we chose Max's productive one. That one was building a sauna. A good idea, but not really practical.

With all the togetherness, came stress, of course. When I mentioned to Anthony something his son was doing, he demanded a paternity test. Sadly, I think Anthony is finally going to have to face the fact that Max isn't his biological kid.

I think he'll be devastated.

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