Thursday, March 20, 2008

Magic Pill

I stumbled across this parenting program called The Total Transformation. From the testimonials, it sounds like a magic pill. Of course there is no magic pill. Right? (Imagine that spoken a little desperately.)

I'm guessing that there isn't much in there that I don't already know. The two gems I've gleaned from reading testimonials and such (they don't give much away - they want you to buy, buy, buy!) are "say what you mean and mean what you say" and don't argue. On the whole don't argue thing, that means if you're asked "Why do I have to do my homework?" you just say because it's you're job like X is my job or something equally short. If your child argues, you just turn and walk away.

So, here's the thing. I know this stuff. Plus a lot more. I can't seem to stick to it in the heat of the moment, though. My problem isn't a lack of know-how, it's loosing my temper and getting warn down by it all day after day. It's that Max doesn't make sudden breakthroughs when I parent properly. Even for long periods. And I loose it sometimes. Where's the magic pill for that? Will this program somehow help me out? Should I drop over 300 smackers on it? (Or perhaps less on E-Bay, although the reserve seems to be high. On closer inspection, it looks like about $220 or so for the reserve, which is a lot cheaper, but still not cheap.) If I knew it'd help, it'd be worth it.

It's easy to find testimonials about books such as "How to Talk so Children Will Listen and Listen so Children Will Talk" that are just as glowing as those about "The Total Transformation." I can get those books from the library for free. And I have. And I'm still here, feeling desperate some days. Sigh.

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