Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just a Saturday

We had what sort of felt like a full Saturday, but in reality, involved a lazy morning and significant down time in the afternoon.

After starting the day off with apple muffins and lots of fruit, we were off to Max's final basketball game. Before going, Max said he wasn't feeling too well, but, of course, he still wanted to go. He played fine, but was really sniffing and coughing by the time we got home. He also has said he's throat is sore. Sounds like what Anthony had last week and is just starting to feel better from. Yay. Another illness to sweep through the family. I'd been hoping it was something the rest of us hadn't already gotten when Anthony came down with it.

We had snack stuff for lunch - trail mix with nuts, raisins and dried cherries, lettuce, cucumbers and zucchini to dip in a peanut sauce, some sliced apples and pears, sectioned tangelos, and these yummy peanut butter ball that Davan made out of Ezekiel cereal, raisins, shredded carrots and peanut butter.

Max had a melt down. And then another. And then another. I ended up sending him to nap for a while, under protest.

I got in some DDR, which I haven't done sense our Playstation moved back in for Christmas. We'd had to put it away because Max was obsessive about it. I missed DDR, which is a great workout.

We did some family reading, where in Max had another melt down. Sigh.

Then it was time for Max's end of the season pizza party for basketball. I hate these things. Actually, I don't think I would if we just went and got ice cream and the kids got to buddy around with each other for a bit. I hate having to go out to eat, though, at a place I wouldn't necessarily pick myself. I hate coughing up cash for the trophies which just mean, "Hey, my parents paid for this!" not, "We had a winning season!" or "I was most improved on my team!" or whatever. But, none the less, we went and coughed up the trophy money.

We had to leave post-haste, though, because we had Family Fun night at Max's school tonight, where Anthony and I were each taking a volunteer shift. I called out Bingo numbers. It was fine. Sort of fun, even.

Max and I are now home. He's getting ready for bed. I brought him home early because of the whole sick thing. I didn't want him to have a late night. Davan and Anthony are both still over there. Anthony is selling tickets and Davan is bouncy housing to her heart's delight. That's really all she wanted to do and the line doesn't go very fast, so she still had tickets left when Max and I took off. Max, on the other hand, chose fast things as well as buying a root beer float, which was 6 whopping tickets.

Max, who's bedtime routine includes lotioning up, putting on pjs, and brushing his teeth just finished after 40 minutes of effort. If that kid ever learns to move, he'll have more time than he knows what to do with.

Well, I'm off to read to the Max-man.

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