Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Weekend

I really do enjoy weekends. I love having Anthony home. I love staying up and watching House M.D. together after the kids go to bed. I love both spending time all together as a family and being able to take off on a walk in the middle of the day because Anthony is home.

Today we had fruit and cereal for breakfast. We're saving pancakes for tomorrow because we had a party to go to this afternoon where there was going to be cake and ice cream.

It was a slow and leisurely morning. But, I finally got out of the house shortly after Anthony and the kids left to go to Performance Bike. There was a big sale this weekend and Anthony must attend all big sales at Performance Bike. I walked over to the library to return books and pick up a few things as well. Then I sauntered over to Boarders and got a gift for our niece, who's birthday party we attended this afternoon.

I came home and whipped up a quick soup out of a mix of frozen veggies and beans (all in one bag - very convenient). Then it was off to the birthday party where I was as anti-social as I could be without being totally rude (I'm not fond of my SIL's in laws). I did not eat any cake or ice cream. It's day 6 of no sugar. Go me.

We stopped and picked up pizza for dinner on the way home. It's not my favorite, but it's not too expensive and it's easy. Davan always pulls the cheese off. She's pretty strict about her dairy intake. We watched Napoleon Dynamite. Or, rather, I endured it for the time we were eating the pizza, after which I'd reached my pain threshold and left the room. Davan joined me. Anthony said it never did get better and he regretted the time he spent watching it. Max said it was awesome. Yeah.

We topped off the day with some games. Before Max went to bed, we did family rotational fun. After, Anthony, Davan and I played a game just the three of us.

Now Anthony is reading to Davan, after which we'll watch some House. It's a good day. Max has been sort of wiggy, but not his worst.

I'm really ready for Monday, though. Max goes back to school. Swimming for Davan starts up again. I'll get to swim both sessions all the way through this week. I'm ready for a Max break.

I wish I didn't earn so much to be apart from Max. I don't like feeling that way about my kid. I sometimes wish to be away from Davan, but never for long. Maybe someday that will come. Maybe it won't. I don't know.

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